Service Centre

A well-designed, 7 bays full service centre equipped with more than RM1 million worth of hi-tech diagnose machines, specifically made for Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW and Audi to name a few. This significant investment is our ante towards other small importers or dealers, who would not dare to invest for these most crucial tools for diagnosing expensive cars. At end of the day, it translated into our customer's confidence and satisfaction. Who wants to risk buying an expensive car and not have a clue where to service their precious purchase? When you make a purchase from us, we assure your peace of mind.

spare parts
Undoubtedly there are only a few exist and we are proud to be the one

Our specialists attend intensive courses in Germany or Italy almost every year to upgrade their knowledge in latest software upgrade for engine and electronics management for stock and tuned cars, so with 11 specialists in our HQ 4S service centre alone, your can be sure of unparalleled support and services from us.