Key People

Tuan Hj. Othman Bin Hj. Md. Isa


Chairman's Biodata:
Othman Bin Hj Md Isa (BKM, PJK, JP, JK)
Date of Birth: 25th May, 1941
IC : 410525-02-5019

MPSI, Tg Malim, Perak

Teacher & Politician

Social activities:
1980–2009 — Chairman, MYAC Kuala Muda
1994–2009 — Deputy Chairman, MYAC Negeri Kedah
1980–2003 — Committee, UMNO Bhg. Sungai Petani
2001–2005 — Committee, Majlis Belia Negeri
2001–2007 — Chairman, Pertubuhan Peladang Negeri Kedah

Social activities (cont'd):
1989–2007 — Chairman, Pertubuhan Peladang Kuala Muda Selatan
1990–2010 — Chairman, Koperasi Daerah Kuala Muda
2000–2009 — Chairman, PIBG SMK Pekula Jaya
2005–2005 — Deputy Chairman, Persatuan Penjaja Negeri Kedah
1995–2010 — Chairman, KPD Kuala Muda

Current position:
UMNO Chief, Cawangan Alor Bemban
Chairman, JKKK (P) Kampung Alor Bemban
Chairman, Penjaja Kecil Kawasan Tikam Batu
Advisor, Penasihat (Panel) Klinik Kawasan Kota
Kuala Muda dan Daerah
Board of Directors, Shamelin Pusat

Dato' Sri Hj. Mohammad Hizal Othman


Born in 1972, Dato' Sri Hj. Mohammad Hizal Othman (SSAP) attained his tertiary education at Glasgow Caledonian University, UK in 1995 with Bsc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying. After years of experience with companies like Davis Langdon & Seah and Perunding NFL, he made his cut by establishing his own business specialized in automotives, building construction, ID work and specialized equipment. After cultivating experiences during those working days he managed to have a closed knit relationship with all the relevant players and authorities in those industries. He, since then, has leaped forward in grooming his undertakings.

Armed with 6 companies under his belt which specialize in various selected areas, he positively looked forward to toiling those into mega corporate structure in the near future.

In 2004, his first jackpot was being awarded the tuner AP from the government and again in 2007 another limelight was being awarded the open AP for importing unlimited brands of car. Now having 3 locations in the prime area with specific 4S centers (showroom, services, spare parts and system), he looks forward to becoming one of those major player in the automotive industry.

Muhammad Firdaus Bin Hj. Othman


A well-trained leader with sharp business acumen, he is also an accomplished golfer. Hand-picked by the CEO to run the day-to-day aspect of hassle in this car business industry. He is the lead when it comes to important decision making process, from outsourcing, dealing with the authorities and related agencies to the final closing of sales.